Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Title Inflation: VP of Blogging?

One thing that we know is true: the key to happiness when taking on a new role is in your personal enjoyment of the job itself- not its title. However, a snappy title is often one of the first things we judge. So, how effective is this in a time when "title inflation" is more common than ever?

In this ever-changing market structure, we see the importance for corporations to continue to reinvent themselves so as to demand a quicker response to the constant evolution. Over the years, what once was a full hierarchy has been tightened up; "reducing headcount= more efficient". With this flattening out of the corporate ladder, the opportunity for growth has become more difficult, leaving employers with fewer ways to denote success and promotion. As a result, an increase in title rather than function has become common practice, and we're seeing the trend pass through all industries. What is the cause of this? What does it signify to those looking to work their way to the top? The article below offers some insight into this.


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